Now that I'm running the web site, I find I'm doing a lot more mailing these days. Mostly I use which is excellent in many ways. But I had to go to the actual post office yesterday and I had to buy stamps. I didn't 'have' to buy them, it's just that these stamps cried out to go home with me. 


I do use stamps and I have always thought that it's better to use interesting stamps. I give sheets of stamps as stocking stuffers so I like to 'stock up' on the good ones. Buzz Lightyear is my personal favorite of this bunch…


I got to visiting with the postal person at the counter. These are all forever stamps so won't be affected by the rate increase in January. Stamps go up a penny. Not that big a deal for what you get, we agreed. Which is really where I am going with this post… 

Am I the only one who is amazed that you can send a letter or package to a specific address almost anywhere on the planet, afix postage, and that letter or package will usually get to the intended place? I sometimes wonder why we don't have to pay a lot more for this service.

In my town, as is true in many places, we often navigate by landmarks. For instance, I live near the old Dillingham – which was torn down years ago. It no longer exists. When I tell people I live south of the old Dillingham, they know where I am – unless they didn't live here then. It drives my mother, who navigates by street names and addresses, crazy.  

The more I think about it, the more amazed I am that we, as a human race, have devised a system of addresses that work. I know that address formats differ from country to country, but that doesn't seem to matter. Every place has a set of coordinates that tell you where it is. Addresses are so much better than landmarks. 

As I said at the beginning, I'm shipping more because the website is now my baby. So, on a mildly related note, I've put some new things on the POC home page. If you've read this far and have time, you might want to see what's there. While it's still there. This is sort of a quiet sale, so that I can see what it's like to get a many orders at a time. I hope I handle it as well as Linda always has.

6 thoughts on “Stamps…

  1. I agree! I’ve long thought that the measly price of a first class stamp is a bargain considering the effort it takes to get an envelope anywhere in the country! I send out flyers for a quilting class that I teach and I always try to get interesting stamps for the envelopes. Just a little something pretty on a boring envelope. I’m off to check out the website!


  2. I so agree with you, Becky – usually they get there. I am still trying to find two quilts from two years ago that the post office still cannot locate. The box made it to the dead letter office but not the quilts. My friend was disappointed, so I remade them for her. I now “track” everything I send. JudyC


  3. And things are so different from one place to another in this country. When I lived in Chicago I mailed a package to my grandmother in Douds, Iowa. It’s such a small town that they didn’t have street addresses then (maybe they do now because of 911). The postal clerk insisted that there had to be a street address. I told her the best I could do would be “first house north of the legion hall”. I assured her it would get there without a street address. She sighed and finally accepted the package.


  4. I do love stamps. I actually collected them years ago when my oldest brother gave me his collection. I have a steamer trunk filled with old stamps in an album. I think they are also a creative work of art.


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