The Stanley Cup Quilt-Off Auction is practically here!

Ami put together this YouTube slideshow of the auction quilts. If you are going to Houston, be sure to go check them out. Let me know how they look hanging together. I won't be there…


4 thoughts on “The Stanley Cup Quilt-Off Auction is practically here!

  1. Oh, your quilt is amazing and the top one in my book! I will plan to see it in person at Festival. Would love to bring it home with me but know I will be far outbid. I leave in the morning and will be there all week taking classes and visiting the vendors and quilts. I was interested to see a quilt by Mary Sorenson as I have an all day needleturn appliqué class with her. Looking forward to it. Do you ever teach at Festival? Would love to take appliqué from you as well.


  2. All are winners in my book – but I am pulling for yours – since it is also the play offs “sort of” – I love your houses so wish you luck – Afraif I will also be out bidded. Judy C


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