I had heard about the tentmakers of Cairo but I never learned more about them. Bonnie McCaffery's newest vidcast is about these skilled craftsmen. 

I don't have a lot of time to 'watch' my computer but I found this to be well worth the time. The men, the tentmakers, are appliquers. The 'tents' that they are making were traditionally fabric art pieces that hung in an actual tent. The inside of a tent could be covered with these lovely works of art. As the culture changed, so did the art. Now the tentmakers make their art to hang on walls.

As an appliquer, I was amazed at the way they work from a sketch drawn on the background fabric and even more stunned at the speed at which they work. Lightning fast, warp-speed stitching! 

These men have been 'tentmaking' for many, many hours every day for many years. Their skill-level is stunning. I don't think I want to stitch for as many hours as it would take for me to be able to sew as fast as they do. I'm happy to find peace in stitching at a slightly slower pace. But I do very much appreciate what they do. 


This is Bonnie's 64th vidcast so there are many more to watch. Click here to go to the page with more of Bonnie's vidcasts.

8 thoughts on “Tentmakers…

  1. Where can we purchase these? It is sad to think they are being made redundant by printing, I would love to support such artistry and history.
    I think I saw their display at an Australian Quilt show they are amazing artists.


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