From the Thimbleberries in Port St Lucie…

I gave a lecture and workshop for the Thimbleberries Quilt Guild Friday and Saturday. What a nice group of women – and men. Or man. Jerry was at the lecture and in my class which was fun! I wish more men were interested in hand sewing.

There was a potuck supper before the lecture. Betty brought a carrot souffle that was amazing. It is her signature dish. Sweet, light, orange and very tasty. She shared the recipe with me and said I could share it with you. I'll do that once I get it in the computer. Remind me if I forget.

Her daughter, Joey, brought a cake in this carrier:



Yes, everything is better with cake and frosting. I WANT one of these! Joey said is was made by Dept 56 in the 90s. Ebay here I come. It was not just cute but very functional. 

And then there were the ladies with these name tags:


I love wooden yardsticks and had not thought of cutting them up in quite this way. The maker hot-glued pins to the back and decorative stuff to the front. Surely there are lots of other things you could do with a chunk of yardstick.

And then there was this purse:


If I am remembering correctly one of the guild members has a pattern and taught a class for this bag. I learned two new things that you may already know. Imagine a tape measurer. The metal is flexible and curved. The closure for the bag was made of that sort of curved metal ruler. You cut a length for each side and insert it into the casing at the top of the bag. Turn the strip of metal ruler so the concave side faces out. When you pull the two sides apart to open the bag, it stays open. Push them closed and they snap flat, closing the bag. Cool.

The mesh for the outer pocket is the flexible screen you would use in a window screen.


I had not thought of including that in a sewing project. It's wonderful to learn new things!


4 thoughts on “From the Thimbleberries in Port St Lucie…

  1. Thanks for sharing your “finds” along the road. I’ve seen the “measureing tape” opening on smaller items (think change purse size), but interesting to see them on something a bit large… I’m gonna keep my eyes out for some old tape measures next time I go a “flea’in”….
    Karen – Austin, Tx


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