Time off…

When you work at home, you tend to work all the time. So, when Steve asked me about going for a bike ride this afternoon my first thought was, no – I have to work. But then I thought again – I work ALL THE TIME! I should go for that bike ride. He did, after all ask me a week ago so that I could schedule it in.

We had lots of rain yesterday and this morning but this afternoon was clear and cool. Perfect, in fact. 


We drove out past Denison Dam to West Burns Run, on the Oklahoma side of the lake. The road is paved and mostly flat – except when it wasn't. Carla worked our legs in pilates this morning and I could tell it. This is primarily a campground by Lake Texoma which is closed this time of year.

We are going to go see the new Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, AR, this weekend. I have promised not to take work with me. I may try to do some sketching in the car… something I mean to do but rarely take the time for. 

3 thoughts on “Time off…

  1. This looks lovely, especially considering our very cold weather and loads of snow. I hope you packed a little picnic. A bottle of wine, a piece of cheese and a little baguette is always perfect.


  2. Glad to hear you chose the bike ride–good for your body & good for your marriage! Also your entire being–emotional, psychological, etc.


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