A free motion quilting site…

I learned about Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project when I was in Florida. I have been way too busy to fully explore this site but I know you all are going to love it! 

I admit to being very impressed. This woman has quite a story (click here). She is married and has a young son and she still managed to put up a different machine quilting pattern – with a video! – every day for a year. There are 365 designs. It makes me tired just imaging it.

As I said I haven't clicked through all of the designs yet but right now, this one looks like fun. Leah calls it mesh curtain. I can see the curtain.


There is a lot more to see on her site. Click here to go to her home page. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “A free motion quilting site…

  1. Leah Day is amazing! I have been a fan for ages and she has inspired me to get over my fear of free motion quilting. The advice she offers for starting is very practical. Thanks for bringing her to the attention of your fans 🙂


  2. Yeah, Leah day has me about convinced that I can do a lot of my own quilting… she does say practice practice practice but I see all sorts of dog mats that I can practice on with my very own stash rejects and still have a dog mat when done. She goes into so much detail about the whys and what fors of quilting – gets me thinking in a whole different way.


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