Our world is a beautiful place…

I'm procrastinating which means that I've been clicking around on the web rather than working. I found yet another lovely photo of the Cinqua Terre, Italy, a place I very much wan to visit…


I actually found the photo on facebook, which led me to the origin of the photo, Hub09. If you click on any photo it opens them all up in a slide show. Lots of fun!

Hub09 has a blog as well – click here. I don't speak or read Italian (and I'm making a guess that that is Italian) and I decided that I didn't want to open it in English. Honestly, I like the images just fine without the text. 

Happy procrastinating!

7 thoughts on “Our world is a beautiful place…

  1. I love photos like this from Italy. Such inspiration for a beautiful quilt. I wish people in New Zealand would paint there houses like the rainbow… but then our houses are boring and would not look anything like it.


  2. Thanks for the opportunity to procrastinate. Cinque Terre looks like a Laura Wasilowski quilt. What a happy looking place.My day is off to a good start. =!=


  3. Cinque Terre us even more breathtaking in person. I was lucky enough to visit it while in Italy in 2010. We spent a day going from village to village and would have loved to stay longer.


  4. I found myself “pinning” several photos of this type on Pinterest over a period of a couple of weeks, when I went back to look at them again, I noticed that they were all places in Italy…I guess I am meant to visit there someday!


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