Where is the train?


My brother had a Lionel train when he was a kid. Lots of track – smoking engine, whistle… the works. I think it looked something like the one above.

At some point the train disappeared. Steven has never been happy about that. Mom is pretty sure it got left in the attic when they moved from the house on 17th street in Oklahoma City that I grew up in. She remembers that my dad did not want to make another trip into the attic even though she wanted him to. 

I'm in Oklahoma City teaching for the Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild now and today I went by the old house. It looks good! I knocked, hoping to ask the current owner if they ever found the train. No one was home, but I had typed a letter in advance and I dropped it in the slot. I admit that I was expecting any conversation I might have with the current owner to be weird. Maybe it's better that I left the letter.

We all lose stuff. Big or little, expensive or sentimental. It's a really nice feeling to find something long lost and I would love to finally solve our family's missing train mystery. If the current or previous owner of the house found the train, used it, loves it, sold it—that's fine. We'd just like to know. 

I don't suppose any of you have turned up a 1960s vintage Lionel train?


3 thoughts on “Where is the train?

  1. Actually there is one in my brother’s basement. But it was his as a kid. He had only girls and twins at that so it will interesting to see what he does with that train. Some how I feel as though I have a vested interest in that train as well if he is going to let it go some time. My kids played with it when we would visit my parents and they have memories of my Dad and that train. Interesting how we get sort of territorial on STUFF.


  2. My husband has a train. We put it around the Christmas tree when our daughter was young. Some nights she fell asleep in his lap watching the train. — Trains can be special toys.


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