Lots of whimsical gardens…

I spent 2 days teaching a class from My Whimsical Quilt Garden with some lovely ladies from the Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild. They spent the first day of class coloring their blocks and the second day working on applique techniques.

I managed to find time to take photos of some of their handiwork to share with you. Each block is different!


Some got farther than others, but everyone learned a lot and had a good time!





And Evelyn, whose hands don't let her do handwork, worked diligently, quietly fusing and machine appliqueing her block. She, of course, was practically finished at the end of the class! I admit that the instant gratification is nice.


3 thoughts on “Lots of whimsical gardens…

  1. Becky,
    Those blocks are lovely! I wanted to pass along an alternative I’ve discovered to take the place of the clear vinyl overlays, which I have found difficult to store. I purchased medium weight non-fusible interfacing and trace the pattern on to that. It is easily portable (can even be basted to the block along one edge), easy to draw on with pencil or permanent marker, very inexpensive (I think it was about $2/yard) and very easy to store, as it can be folded if necessary without distortion to the image/block. It’s working like a charm for me. I can easily see where to place my pieces through the nearly translucent interfacing. I love it!
    Your books have helped me so much, as I’m entirely self-taught and have never had a formal class. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!!


  2. Hi Christy:
    Thanks for the observation. I have tried interfacing before and didnt like it as well but you know, were all a little different. As long as youve found a product that works for you as well as the vinyl does for me, its all good!


  3. Wow those blocks look great. I have made the whymsical garden quilt and used similar colours to the one you did. However I must say that these ones really stand out for me. I never would have thought to use these colours. The last pic is really nice. I might have to make me some more blocks, not entire quilt, but maybe a baby quilt.


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