Morning walk along the coast…

I really should check the map before I leave home. As it turns out, the San Francisco quilt guild meets in San Francisco! As Carol drove me past Golden Gate park I realized that I was in the city, not out in the suburbs – if the cities around San Francisco are even called suburbs. I am teaching for two different guilds on this trip so right now am in San Mateo, but this morning I walked on the Coastal Walk and saw the Golden Gate bridge.

CoastalWalk-SF-03 copy

I stayed at the Seal Rock Inn and I think this is the 'seal rock' of the same name…

CoastalWalk-SF-05 copy

I walked up and down stairs…

CoastalWalk-SF-08 copy

I took pictures of some cool plants. Many I recognized, but can't grow at home. This looked like a dandelion on serious steroids and I don't think I'd want to see it in my yard – but it was eye-catching.

SanFrancisco-Shoes-01 copy

I hope to post again tomorrow. Now it's off to dinner and then to the Penninsula Quilters guild meeting.

2 thoughts on “Morning walk along the coast…

  1. Do the San Fran quilters still meet in the church hall where the entry is at the BACK of the building??
    I had a visit there in May 09 & went along to hear the speaker, a wonderful applique artist whose name escapes me but I nearly missed the event as I did not know of the back door! LOL
    They were a lovely group & I had a ball, hope you did too.
    London, UK


  2. Yes, the entrance is still tucked away. I entered from a covered parking area that is reserved for guild leaders. Knowing how hard it is to park in SF, it might make being on the board even more attractive!


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