Passion Flowers…

I worked with a room full of quilters yesterday and today on a block from Passion Flowers. In a 2-day class, we get to spend one day on color and one day on applique stitching techniques. At the end of the second day, most were wishing we had a 3rd day! I know how hard it is for people to find 2 days to spend in a class but I can attest to the fact that more is better.

I love seeing the different color combintations in this sort of class. No one block is like another. the blocks I'm showing below are far enough along for you to get an idea of how the final block will look:







This is interesting. Merrie has two different colorways going. One works better on the gold background. The other will look good on a different background.




Pretty cool!

4 thoughts on “Passion Flowers…

  1. Love applique. These are so pretty. I have a question…why is it that quilters don’t roll their fabric instead of folding. I would think there would be fewer wrinkles and fold lines if it were rolled but maybe there is a reason for folding???
    I’m asking you because I saw you speak at the Brandon, FL, Quilt Guild and I figured you would know the answer to my question!


  2. Becky, I learned so much at your two day workshop this week! Thanks for the great workshop and for sharing the photos of some of the work in progress. I plan to send you a photo of mine when it’s done. Enjoy the rest of your visit to the San Francisco bay area and our unusually warm weather.


  3. Hi Sheila:
    I do roll my quilts when Im home. I roll them on 2 pvc pipe covered with fabric. I usually roll extra fabric around the outside of the rolled quilt. I store them high in the closet(s) on long shelves. To keep them from rolling off, I have bungee cords that are attached to big eye hooks in both the ceiling and at the edges of the shelves.
    When I do have to fold a quilt, I fold it on the diagonal. It keeps the creases from becoming permanent (usually).
    Hope this helps,


  4. Its always to good to hear that someone really enjoyed a class! Thank you for writing.
    Today was lovely and tomorrow I fly home. I do love being home. I fly out again on Wednesday to teach in Virginia. Its interesting that the weather is warmer now in SF than it is at home. Its supposed to be nice in Virginia… I guess Ill know if thats true next week.
    Have fun with your appliqué!


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