CA flowers…

You know, the iPhone 4G takes a mighty fine photo. These were taken on my morning walk. I love the water drops on the petals.



The evergreen below was in Mereleen's yard and I took the photo with my Cannon point and shoot camera. I love the way these pine cones break apart – sort of like leaves breaking away from the main cone. The spikes in the lower left corner of the photo used to be full cones. The seeds have broken away, scattered by the wind.

PineCone-FallingApart copy

7 thoughts on “CA flowers…

  1. Do you know what kind of pine that is? It’s pretty amazing, how the cone breaks up and becomes lots of seeds! I love the pix on the iPhones, too. Amazing clarity.


  2. Beautiful pictures, but on an unrelated subject, I am unable to access your website. I have tried numerous times, used different browsers and no luck. I have the newest version of Windows and have used IE, Goggle Chrome and Firefox. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.


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