A fun find at quilt market…

I don't always have to carry all of my bobbins with me. Sometimes I only need a few and I carry them in a little zippered bag – but they unwind and tangle up…

I found these little Bobbin Bikinis that will be on the site soon. They are like ponytail holders, but small. Wish I'd thought of that, but since I didn't I had the good sense to buy a bunch of them so we can all have them!

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8 thoughts on “A fun find at quilt market…

  1. A friend gave me a bunch of the slightly larger ponytail holders for my thread. It made a big difference.It does not look like a rat’s nest in the thread drawer anymore. I know I’ll be ordering some of these as soon as they are available. =!=


  2. I have these and added to them from the hair care section of the grocery store. Anoter way to travel with just a few is to put them in the disposable toe separators from the pedicure salon! A really cheap idea from somewhere on the net!


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