He’s Phinished*!

Jeff is now Dr. Goldsmith. No more being the student, now he’ll be the teacher. In NYC. At Columbia! We are oh so proud of him.

We took photos before, during, and after.

JeffGraduation-2012_10 copy

The actual graduation ceremony was only 2.5 hours long. I embroidered on my AAQI quilt during most of it. Quietly. I gotta say that for me, this really made the long, long minutes of names of people I will never know go by quickly. I’m so glad it wasn’t dark.

JeffGraduation-2012_15 copy

His name was called, he got a piece of paper, shook some hands, got his hood. Done!


Here he is, after the ceremony with Ciprian, his advisor. Ciprian did so much to teach and help Jeff. It was very nice to get a chance to shake his hand (and take his picture!).

Tonight we’re going out to dinner to celebrate. Tomorrow we head back to Texas. Every day is an adventure, is it not?!

6 thoughts on “He’s Phinished*!

  1. Such proud and happy smiles all around! And so well deserved, congratulations Dr. Goldsmith and to all your support too!


  2. I was impressed with the shoes before you even mentioned it! Very nice that he is FINISHED…. I have one who I don’t think will ever finish.. advisors keep retiring and her work is more and more demanding so… time will tell.. Wonderful colors for his cape and gown…. he will stand out every graduation ceremony… and he will be going to ALL of them – light dark hot cold LOL.


  3. Congratulations to all. They make a very handsome/beautiful couple. And NYC is going to be a lot of fun!! Expensive – but fun!


  4. Congratulations! For every successful child their is a team of people that helped get him there! You must be so proud of him :0).
    Lovely work in the car :0) have any good embroidery secrets? Yours looks terrific!
    Happy Sewing


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