What I did in the car…

I think I mentioned that Steve did the majority of the driving on our trip to Baltimore. Two days each way, about 11 hours a day. I drove 4 hours, max. The rest of the time I worked on my Macbook Air*, my iPad (to connect to the web, check and respond to emails…), and on my iPhone (making calls). If you didn't know already, I do love my Apple products.

What did I do? I put these two ePatterns together and got them online. Both have been out of print for a long time. Many of you will recognize Stars in the Garden

StarsInGarden-01 copy

And just in time for next Christmas, Reindeer Playground. This one was in our book, A Piece O' Cake Christmas, and it's on the DVD Learn to Applique The Piece O' Cake Way. 


AND I worked on my AAQI challenge quilt. In fact, I embroidered on it through most of Jeff's graduation. I don't think I'll ever go to a graduation without handwork again. I'm really loving it. I still have 2 borders to applique and then I need to quilt it. I should just forget sleeping altogether but that's not going to happen.


*Side note: We bought a cool car adaptor like this a few years ago. It plugs into the car's power port (or cigarette lighter for those of us old enough to call it that). You can plug a regular power cord into it. It will even accept a 3-prong power cord. That's how I kept my laptop running.

And, for those of you who've read this far, I am getting fabric in. I'll be putting it on the site over the next few days. Watch the menu bar for Fabric. I orders a few Christmas prints that I just could not pass up. There are some fun dots coming and one big print. Soon I'll let you know about the big print of the every other month club!


3 thoughts on “What I did in the car…

  1. Wow, I really love this quilt! I love these clear bright colours you have been using. And it’s great to see some Kaffe Fassett fabrics too! And it looks like a beautiful theme for the quilt as well.
    Gosh. Can’t wait to see more!


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