I’m home!

I'm happy to be home! However, I came home to a cranky computer. I've spent most of today with tech support. I did learn a new thing (who knew my actual computer had a cache that ought to be emptied once a month!) but I was unable to do what I had planned to do today. Deep breath. Sigh. I did not go ballistic at the tech support people :-). But now it's OK.

On the home improvement front… I painted a couple of brass fixtures for my friend, Laurie, at Habitat for Humanity. They have a bunch of these in their warehouse, different styles, and they want to sell them. She asked if I could make people want to buy them… Imagine that you have a dated, brass fixture like this:


You can spray paint it! I used the paint I had. This is a matte white – I think it would be more fun in gloss, but this is not bad at all.


This is a different fixture in gloss red:


I would use round bulbs. There is more that you could do but it's dinner time and I really am hungry :-). I think you get the idea. My message to you is: spray paint!


3 thoughts on “I’m home!

  1. How cool is that?? I love what you did with that fixture! My husband and I are redoing our kitchen and dining room, and one of the things we are doing is trying to think of creative ways to fix up our old fixtures so we don’t need new ones, because it is going to be expensive as it is. One of the things we really want to do is get some new Carrier Air conditioning units! I’m really excited about it. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Spray paint is amazing! Ive painted lamps too – I showed one on the blog some time back. If you use the search box you can probably find it by typing in lamp, spray paint, and/or brass lamp.
    I have spray painted my moms french doors and that worked well. Ive spray painted some furniture. Honestly, if there were colors in the cans, Id probably spray paint more. Have fun with it!


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