I've been making flowers from hexagons to use as flower centers. Are they cute or what!?


I find that I really like to fussy-cut the fabrics for my hexes. It's just fun to see what they look like as they come together. Here's a closer look…


I made these with the 1/2" papers which you can find here on the site. The bigger flowers in the first photo were made with 3/4" hexes. 

It's funny. I did English paper piecing 20 years ago and then let it go as I moved on to other things. I have re-discovered how much fun these are to make and to use. Linda was right – these are a great take-along project!

(And speaking of hexes… I finally got my computer to shape up but now I can't make some of my fonts work in some programs. It's making me a little bit crazy. I lost Arial earlier today and couldn't read any of my emails. Thankfully I got that one working again. Computers – I love them most of the time.)

8 thoughts on “Hexes!

  1. What a great use of black and white. Always LOVE your color combinations. Gotta get me some English Paper Piecing Papers. Did you ever do a tutorial on inside points? I sure could use one! I remember the fabulous points on leaves, but I really need a refresher on a deep inside, hand appliqued point. Help.


  2. I agree entirely! A friend taught me how to do EPP on “regular” sized blocks years ago and I thought it was a waste of time. But when I discovered the tiny ones….they are so much fun! When I get them out I can’t stop playing with design ideas. They are a good take along project as well.


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