So maybe coming 2nd isn’t so bad…

I am having a bizarre font-related computer problem. I called Apple on Friday and worked with three different tech support people over the course of 2+ hours. That sounds bad but as each supprt person exhausted every trick he knew I was moved farther upstream. I ended up with Ryan who was also very nice – and also stumped. I'm telling you, this is a bizarre problem but it has to be fixed. I can't use 3 of the font families that I use all the time. What that means is that when I open a file in which I have used that font, the font isn't there. Not only does it look bad (and in some cases is unreadable) the formatting is all messed up. This is a problem that is going to have to be fixed.

Ryan and I hung up Friday at 5:30 and he's working on it over the weekend. It'll go upstream farther and I hope to hear today if he can't sort it out. This is why I love and use Macs. When something goes wrong you have access to help. It might take a while but goodness knows I can't fix this on my own.

So what does that have to coming in 2nd? Well, I did some web surfing after hanging up to clear my mind and I found a page listing famous hit songs that peaked at #2. Who knew! Like this:


Then there's Nena's 99 Luft Balons that always makes me smile. How did that never make it to #1?!


And Elvis' Can't Help Falling In Love that I must include here for Linda. There are several other videos on this page that will surprise you!


I admit to being competitve and I don't always come in at #1. You know what? That's just fine. If I find myself bothered I'm going to hum about red balloons :-). Enjoy the videos.




3 thoughts on “So maybe coming 2nd isn’t so bad…

  1. Did your font problems begin after Friday’s software update? I have a few little issues since then…hoping the next issue will resolve everything! You are right…Apple rocks!


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