Only a little out of control…

I know I'm busy when it's a shock to walk out my front door to the mailbox and discover that all of the plants (good and bad) in my front yard are a lot bigger than I remember. The zinnias are getting old and need to be pulled out. I have some weeds and baby trees that have got to go. So what did do? I took pictures!

I took this picture at eye-level. This is a big sage — I'm not sure exactly what flavor. I love this plant! It's a few years old. I cut it back at the first freeze and it comes back the next year. It's not exciting until this time of year. The last time I looked it was at knee level.

PurpleSalvia-01 copy

I saw clumps of red naked ladies. I have a vague memory of planting them and it's nice to know they're still there. 

RedNakedLadies-021 copy

This bush is not exciting. I think it's a Hawthorn… I planted it 15 years ago. After 3 years of nothing, I did my best to kill it for another several years. I finally gave up and just let it be and darned if it isn't getting big now. We put that Chinese pistachio next to it 3 years ago… maybe they like each other! 


I have an out of control area of salvias on the dining-room side of my yard. You may remember that earlier this summer I thought I was going to lose them all because of a pesticide overspray from my neighbor. I suppose what didn't kill them made them stronger. I'm going to have to dif up a lot of them when it is cooler and wetter.


But right now, they are pretty and the bumble bees are ecstatic! I caught one in flight:


In other news I've been baking. A lemon cake for Jack's birthday/pool party that is this afternoon. It will be at our house but I'll be absent for most of it. I already had plans for another party (which makes it sound like all I do is party). I and some friends are hosting a party (thankfully not at my house) and I'm going to work on the set up this afternoon. I made cookies and toffee bars for that party which takes me to where I was going with this: I had to separate several eggs. I used the water bottle separation technique (WBST) and it works so well that I now have a water bottle set aside for this in my cabinet. I thought you might be interested to know in case you haven't tried it yourself yet.


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