Happy Thanksgiving!

Steve has the turkey cooking and we are going to be having dinner in an hour or two… but this morning we got a lot done that has nothing to do with turkey!

I promised I would share some photos of the bathroom project. Here are some before pictures. 


The color of the fixtures is not horrible but the blue tile was not in the best shape and the walls above the tile were very cracked: up one side, across the ceiling and down the other side.


This built-in cabinet was just not good. Looked bad, wrong size, all bad. We figured we'd take it out and leave the floor tile…


…except that it turns out that the floor tiles are sitting on about 2" of concrete that was poured around the base of this built-in, on top of the subfloor. This is a pier and beam house, it doesn't sit on a slab. Why did they pour concrete?! To top it off, the wall tile has concrete behind it, poured around a metal mesh. What a mess! It all has to come out. 


Steve got this far yesterday and today, Thanksgiving he got farther. Chris and I put replaced the two kitchen windows while Steve worked in the bathroom and then cooked dinner. I'm out of time to write more but I'll share more photos tomorrow. Chris and I have one more window to install, Steve will be back in the bathroom to finish gutting it and to build up the floor so that I can tile on Saturday. If all goes according to plan, that is.

Enjoy your time with family – I know we will!



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