Too busy to post!

We made amazing progress yesterday and today. Here it is, in pictures:


Steve gutted the bathroom. Look on the wall and you can see the concrete squeezed through the back side of the metal mesh from the other bathroom. That's next summer's project. Below, Steve is standing on the subfloor, all concrete and floor tile removed.


Then he carefully removed the tile and cocrete from around the plumbing. Hooray! Nothing broke!


Next, Steve built a new floor for us to tile. It had to be built up 2" to match the adjacent floor. He put in a vapor barrier, insulation, and 3/4" plywood on top of 2/4's that had to be ripped to the right size…


Meanwhile, Chris and I finished replacing the 3 windows. I forgot to take before photos, but imagine bad aluminum windows, with worse aluminum storm windows on top of them. TIP: Just break the glass to remove old aluminum windows. It's the only way.

Here is one new window, trimmed out with Hardie planks.


Here is a different window, painted, with Chris. I did not pose in my working garb :-).


Chris trimmed out the inside of the windows. Elanor helped Chris – here is her first ever cut with a power saw:

ChrisAndElanor-FirstCut-02 copy

I painted the trim, inside and out. So very glad to get that done because it is easy to put the painting off, forever.


The windows were birthday and Christmas presents for Chris and Lorna. I'm glad to have them in now, while the weather is pretty. One less thing to wrap!

Today, Saturday, I taught Chris how to lay tile in the bathroom. He had placed the tile squares on the floor and made sure that everything fit. Amazingly enough we did not have to cut any tiles! He did have to cut some the the 12" tile units to fit, but that was easy.


Chris and I took turns spreading mastic and laying tile. It's not hard, except on the knees. Chris is going to do the grout tomorrow. He's not done it before but I have complete faith in his ability to follow directions. Honestly, if I can apply grout, so can he.


Aren't these pretty tiles! And you know what? They were $3 a square foot. It doesn't get much better than that.

Tomorrow, Sunday, Steve and I are driving to Oklahoma City for his dad's birthday lunch. It's going to be nice to relax a bit. That said, we really do enjoy a good project. Both of us are happy with what we've gotten done this weekend (and I didn't even mention weather-proofing our fence and mom's). Honestly, neither of us sits well. We prefer motion. We're lucky we found each other because I think we would drive other people crazy.



9 thoughts on “Too busy to post!

  1. Hope you don’t mind if I live vicariously through your blog. Wish my DH was handy around the house. His first question always is “Cant we pay someone to do this?” I enjoy fixing things and have done many projects, but I don’t have the physical strength for some. I think new windows make a great present.


  2. You are amazing – the “jobs” you tackle and FINISH would make a contractor envious. What or how does one winterize a fence? Just wonderin’.
    Enjoy the b’cake… those type of memories are grand as well.


  3. Its not so much winterize as it is waterproofing. I sprayed our wood fence, and moms, with Thompsons Waterseal. I used a 2-gallon pump spray bottle – like youd use for Round-up. That is definitely the way to do it! Better than brushing or rolling it on.
    Sent from my iPad


  4. Hi Tracy:
    Im glad you enjoy the vicarious thrill! I know the day will come when we are not able to do these projects ourselves and Im going to miss it – and Im not going to enjoy paying someone to do it either. Oh well, things do change…


  5. I love your post on your projects. You and your husband are amazing.
    Have you had your home tour for Christmas? I hope we get o see tpictures.


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