Christmas decorating, 2012…

To recap, our house is on the local Altrusa Christmas Home Tour. Our house is small, the smallest on the tour – but we think it is interesting. As you walk in the front door, this is what you see…


And here are detail shots… This is the ornament wreath that Linda made for me years ago. I have to do a little re-gluing each year, and I've broken and replaced some ornaments, but it's a wreath that has held up really well. I love it!


I used to collect the North Pole Village houses, made by Dept. 56. The Claus's house must be at least 25 years old but it still works. Of all of them, it's my favorite.


I also used to collect Santas. I say 'used to' because I have run out of room to have any more, and I'm OK with that. I put them out on the mantle. The crazy-looking Santa on the right in the next photo is my favorite and I'm not sure why. I would not want to see him coming down my chimney!


Look at what's holding the stockings. I just don't like the stocking holders you can buy, but I do love rocks. In fact, you can see some rocks in with the Santas. Anyway, I wrapped bigger stones with wire, making a hook to hold a stocking. Then I tied a ribbon on the stones to make them cute. 


FYI – my stocking is 56 years old, made by my Aunt Helen when I was a baby. I made Steve's about 35 years ago, when we were dating.

I saw some ornaments pre-wrapped in cellophane but they were more than I wanted to pay. So I made my own! This is not hard and it makes a nice centerpiece. I used florists wire to keep the twists tight. Mom suggested running ribbon through the openings in the sides of the basket but I had this wonderful garland and used it instead. Looks good!


I love my twisty sticks with little ornaments. And you might notice the bow on the floor lamp… bows are inexpensive and festive!


I put some vintage tinsel around the front door and tied little bows on the tiles that hang on either side of the door. 


More tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Christmas decorating, 2012…

  1. Love your vintage touches. I put bows on the top edge of frames. Just stick the wire over the back. The funny thing is I always miss taking about 2 or 3 down. There is one down stairs in the living room now. I only seem to notice it with my arms full.


  2. Thank you for the nice comment on the house. As to the bathroom: Chris got the grout in the tile yesterday and the plumber should come soon to work on the pipes while they are exposed. Next weekend Steve and Chris will hang sheetrock and get it read for painting. They need to trim it out, then Ill paint, then the fixtures go in… itll be 2-3 more weekends. Ill post pictures as we make progress.


  3. Your home looks so homey–warm and inviting, filled with great ideas. I collect Santas, though have missed adding to collection some years. Thanks for showing us.


  4. It all looks so warm and Christmasy. We have a few things up but this year we need the kids help in getting done the boxes from the loft (don’t ask…sigh) so the major activity will have to wait until the weekend.


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