Christmas decorating, four…

I’m not going to hide my Sweet Sixteen. I think it looks good next to Santa. This particular Santa came from my grandfather’s hardware store and is older than I am.


This wonderful blue vase is the home of the Christmas-y florals that didn’t fit anywhere else but I think they work here.


These interesting pipe cleaner snowflakes are from last year and I saved them. I have a few more hanging in the windows to the left of the wooden guy.


I make a different Christmas ornaments each year for gifts… this is this year’s ornament. They are cute all together!


Here is one on my tree:


I kept the decorations in the bedrooms more low-key – bows, small tabletop trees, that sort of thing. I did do a bit more in the guest room that Jeff will be in. 


In the next photo you might notice the piece of furniture below the tree. That came also came from my grandfather’s hardware store. It used to hold hardware, but now those cute triangular drawers hold many cool crafting supplies. And the little green elf is Vernon, our very own vintage Christmas elf. 


Last but not least, you should see our new Christmas boulders. We thought it would be nice to add the stacked rocks on the left of the walk to balance the boulders on the right. I had to add the bow :-). 


The yard is prettier when there are flowers, but we think it’s still interesting now. 

So, what do you think? Is it decorated enough? I hope so because I can’t live with much more – and Steve for sure thinks that this is way more than enough.

6 thoughts on “Christmas decorating, four…

  1. Love your style, Becky. It looks grand and just right. It was nice taking the home tour – Thank you, and what I especially liked was your splash board above your buffet in the dining room – marvelous! Did you make it? Did you post about it? Would love to learn more about it.


  2. Hi Angie:
    Yes, I did put those plates on that backsplash. I did it well before I started blogging and I cant remember if Ive ever blogged about it.
    I bought a variety of cheap and or chipped blue and white plates. I also bought inexpensive white tiles. I broke them and carefully put them up on the wall as you would any other tile. I can tell you that keeping the plate pieces in order was not easy. And, because plates are not flat, making it all lay well on the wall was also sort of a trick. I wish I had sanded the sharp edges of the broken plates, but I didnt. If I was doing it again and taking the proper amount of time, I would do that.
    I used a sanded grout because the spaces between pieces can be sort of big.
    I hope that helps!


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