Jeff and I were out and about today. We started with a short walk to Riverside Park. Jeff often rides his bike through this area on the way to work. This was a nice shot of one of the pedestrian walkways. NYC has some hills!


This sculpture by Sequoia Aono was in an area that was under water during the storm. It’s called Watching Upon the Present, 2012


It’s interesting in so many ways. If you look close at the skin, below, you can se the tile pattern which is lovely. They look so good with the other materials.

Her gaze and demeanor definitely pulled me in and her pose still makes me wonder. I’m of an age and from the south and sitting so that any passerby can look up your skirt is not exactly what I was taught. (Maybe she has leggings on?) But the pose coupled with the look on the face works. We saw other art today, but this is still the piece that I remember most. 


We went to Lanskys Classic Jewish Deli where the food was very good and the floor was eye-catching. You know that English paper piecing video I made? You could make a quilt that looks like this! Personally, I’m tempted.


 I took several photos of manhole covers which almost made Jeff crazy.

NYC-Manhole-01 copy

 I love circular designs and so many manhole covers are really interesting if you just stop to see them. Those blue toes belong to Jeff. 


We went out to dinner tonight and stopped for a bit at the fountain in front of the Lincoln Center.

We went to see Aida at the Metropolitan Opera last night. I had never been to an opera before and this one was a spectacle. The sets were amazing! There were large people singing with big voices, the hall was beautiful… and there were actual horses on stage every now and then.There were subtitles on the seat in front of each of us. What more can you ask of an opera?


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