NYC, Sunday morning…

We went for a walk in Central Park for the last morning of my visit. It was foggy and gray, but not quite as cold. Jeff waited here for me, near a famous park fountain, while I took the photos that follow. This is Jeff, waiting patiently…



These alcove vignettes on the walls around the stairs were amazing. Each was different and I had to stop myself from photographing them all. 

CentralPark-02 copy

Remember, you can click on these photos to open them bigger. The next one is so full of design ideas that you might want to do that. Can you see applique?

CentralPark-03 copy

I don’t know that I have ever seen a witch on a broomstick in this sort of space. I didn’t even see the jack o’ lanterns until I was cropping the photo. 

CentralPark-04 copy

All in all, these reminded us all of Harry Potter.

CentralPark-05 copy

We walked through a group of farmers’ market stalls on the west side of the park. I like this sign and wish I could have taken those extra signs off for the photo. Oh, well, Jeff would have given me that look and then walked away…


I took more manhole covers. Jeff was almost enthusiastic – just one foot’s worth.


This guy was sitting with his dog outside of the coffee shop we stopped at. I am not a dog person but this dog gave me a look that I would expect from a person. You could tell that he was thinking behind those eyes. I could love this dog. The guy is grinning because I asked if I could take the photo. 


I didn’t quite catch him looking at me in the photo, but I think you can see what I mean. And he’s wearing a hoodie with a skull and crossbones on the back. I love this dog.


We went to one more holiday fair on the SW corner of the park and shopped a little bit more – I finally found something (spices!) for Steve – and then it was time to pack up and head to the airport. Jeff went with me on the subway as far as the airport (such a good boy) and now I’m on the plane home. It’s amazing how much fun it is to be connected to the web on the plane! 

It was such a great visit. I am truly blessed to have such good boys!

2 thoughts on “NYC, Sunday morning…

  1. Seriously you are making me miss my holidays already! I have just returned from my trip of a lifetime to Houston Quilt fair followed by 10 days in NYC. We stayed just down from Columbus Circle on 57th street. I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!!!
    If only it didnt take me almost 24 hours to get there…….sigh.


  2. “Possibly” (fingers crossed) will make a day trip to NYC from my sister’s in Pa over Christmas. Have not been there in over 25 years, and have never been to Central Park. Sidebar: love the Kate Spain Central Park fabric line.
    My daughter’s Boxer sometimes gives me a look, that I swear, is my mother!!!!


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