NYC, Saturday…

We got tickets to this art installation. It was so cool! It is an apartment built on scaffolding, around the statue of Columbus that is in the middle of Columbus Circle. This is an easy walk from Jeff’s apartment!

 The ‘apartment’ is about 6 flights up… 

Columbus-Apt-01 copy

 And then you are in Columbus’ apartment! 

Columbus-Apt-02 copy

It was so much fun to be this close to a statue that is normally so far up in the air. And I have to tell you that this was way cooler than I would have guessed. It put this sort of sculpture in a whole new perspective which must be the point.

Columbus-Apt-03 copy

The views out of the apartment windows were amazing! We all got great photos of the streets below.

Columbus-AptView-04 copy

 I particularly love the polka dots in this crosswalk…

PolkaDotWalk copy

Next we went to Rockefeller Center. It was early in the day but the lights were lit. It was very festive. I tried to shop at the Lego store but it was so very insane that I had to leave. I’m sure I can shop for Legos in Texas and Jack won’t care a bit!

RockefellerCenter-03 copy

We shopped and walked and got coffee and headed to Grand Central Station which is lovely. There was a marvelous holiday fair where I got a paperweight from Scott at Internal Fire Glass. I should remember his last name, but don’t and his card is buried in my luggage and I can’t get to it right now. (Amazingly enough I’m writing this from the plane on my flight home. I’ve never bought wireless in flight but thought I’d give it a whirl. It works!) Anyway, if you collect paperweights, his are definitely worth a look.

At Grand Central Station I saw this person who was just amazing to look at. How could I not take a photo? 

SeenAtGrandCntrlStation copy

Jeff is pretty cute isn’t he! He gives me this look sometimes… it’s that ‘what are you doing and should I not claim you?’ look. Luckily I’m his mom and he claims me – but I try not to push my luck.

NYC-Jeff-1 copy

We went to Bryant Park where there was another (wonderful) holiday fair. And how can you not love these wonderful trees against that cool blue building?

BryantPark-02 copy

We went for a late lunch farther uptown at Smith. The food was good, the cocktail better, and the floor demanded a photo. Yet another good hexagon design.

HexTileFloor-SmithRestaurant copy

We went to the Folk Art Museum. It has moved since I was there last. It’s in a smaller but very nice space. The primary exhibit was of shiny objects. Goodness knows I love pretty, shiny things. This is a foil painting. The painting is on the back of the glass and foil is mounted behind that. There are open, clear spaces in the painting for the foil to shine through.


This one by Milton Wallace Bond of the Flatiron Building is my favorite. Apparently this style of painting was all rage in Victorian American.

MiltonWallaceBond-FlatironBldf-2 copy

We shopped the gift shop and then Jeff and I went to Whole Foods. There is a Whole Foods about 40 miles south of us in Texas but it felt a little different on the upper west side.

When it was all said and done we had walked for the better part of 7 hours and it felt nice to go back to the apartment and chill. I love NYC!

1 thought on “NYC, Saturday…

  1. You did some great things in NYC! There is a leggo store in Grapevine Mills…. not sure how old Jack is but a trip there is cool. Sort of like a trip to the American Girl store for a girl….


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