Back to the Bathroom!

Major progress was made today, and mostly not by me. (I was making Christmas candy and I'm not done yet. I've got more to make and will be back in the kitchen tomorrow and the next day.)

First thing this morning Steve and Chris installed the new toilet. Here is it, holding water! Elanor reports that it works just fine. They did put the baseboard in behind the toilet after this photo was taken. Doesn't the floor look great! I love these tiles and wish I had a place to put them. But I don't.


Once the toilet was in, they could measure to see if the sink cabinet that we all wanted would fit. It did! The one Lorna and I had chosen is 24" wide with a sink that is not very deep but has some space for soap, etc.


Steve and Chris got the faucet installed but didn't get it hooked up to water yet. They needed a different sort of connector and Steve had to go to his real job.

Chris put in the medicine cabinet and the light fixture. Elanor and I had shopped for the light fixture over the weekend and she chose wisely! Steve put up the toilet paper holder, Chris put up the towel rack. I hung the curtain that I made a few days ago. Elanor loves this fabric and I was glad I had enough to make her these curtains.

Don't tell her, but I went out today and found hand towels that coordinate with the curtains and a bath mat that looks good with this room and the adjacent bedroom. These will go under the tree.


Elanor is ecstatic! She has a girlie bathroom. Remember, this is what it looked like before:


It's amazing what some elbow grease and a little money can do. And for those of you who are able-bodied and a little handy… even if you've never done this sort of thing, you can do more than you think you can. We learned something new with every home improvement project we've ever undertaken. And I'm happy to say that Chris now knows a whole lot too.

PS – I asked Steve at lunch today if he was going to work on my cabinet tomorrow and he got a little crazy-eyed and reminded me that he has actual work to do – at his real job! So I'll show you more on that project later, but not tomorrow :-). Goodness knows I have actual work to do as well.

3 thoughts on “Back to the Bathroom!

  1. Those OLD fixtures have to be worth a fortune to the right person….. sure hope they went on craiglist at a big $$.
    You all are amazing with the projects you do… I tend to be a tad …….


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