Energize_thumbDid you hear? Pantone's Color Institute has pronounced Emerald as the color of 2013.

Often I agree with Pantone. I like emerald but I've gotta say that the reason I like it in the photo at left is because of the yellow-green-gold and aqua that is also in the photo. Look closely… do you see that bit of aqua below the lamp? Take out the aqua and yellow-green and the emerald alone is not nearly as wonderful for me. And please note the white in the photo. If that white was off-white, the emerald would be much different, less clean.

I know, because quilters have told me, that my quilts and Linda's quilts stand out because of the colors we use. I'm in the beginning stages of working on a book on color and it is this yearly pronouncement that makes me think – every year, but this year in particular.

Will emerald be the 'it' color of 2013 because it will be everywhere? Or will we love it because we're due to love it? It will be interesting to see.

Click here to read GenerationQ's blog post about emerald. I wrote my post and then read this one. I may not be the only one who is not completely sold on emerald…


1 thought on “Emeralds…

  1. I have to admit that every year Pantone’s selection is a little mystifying to me. But how do you pick one colour? It is the combinations that are the most interesting.
    I don’t think that emerald is totally off, though. I have been noticing a trend towards cooler greens, probably in reaction to all the chartreuse we saw five years ago.


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