Baby (bear) shower…

Celia hosted a baby shower tea for Lorna on Saturday, December 22. It was lovely!


Jeff 'baked' the diaper cake. I was impressed!


Celia had an elephant theme, in red and green. There were garlands! There was an amazing array of teas and tea sandwiches, cookies and candy. And yogurt shots – a thing I had never heard of. You can see the edge of the little yogurt shot on the right in the photo above. It's Brown Cow Cream Top yogurt topped with a taste of honey and a raspberry. That's a tiny spoon sticking up in the cup. These were a big hit.


Celia and her mom have some really cute teapots. The cups and saucers are from my mom's 1950's era china which is mine now :-).

Elanor helped Lorna with the presents and Celia recorded who gave what. I learned a new trick… Celia recorded the information on her iPad in an email which she sent to Lorna at the end of the shower. so much better than scribbles on paper don't you think?


Doesn't Elanor look oh-so-grown up? The present Lorna is looking at is the purse/diaper bag that Celia gave her. Very chic.


Our next grandson has acquired a nickname – Bear. The kids tell me that It is likely to stick. I bought this little outfit before I knew he was Bear, but it's especially perfect now that I know his name :-). 

The shower was Saturday. Today (Sunday) Lorna saw her midwife and has been told to lay down. She's been having contractions and that's that. She gets to/has to chill for the next few weeks until Bear makes an appearance.

Between the ice storm that is supposed to hit between here and Oklahoma City and Lorna's bedrest, our Christmas day plans have changed. For the first time that I can remember, we are going to be home for Christmas rather than going north to OKC. I will definitely miss the family gathering, but I think it's going to be nice to be home with the kids, DILs, grandkids, and Mom. If you are out and about, travel safely and have a good time!


5 thoughts on “Baby (bear) shower…

  1. No, they were easy. You need little bitty, tall, skinny cups with little spoons.
    You can put fruit in the bottom, or not. Fill with good yogurt (not non-fat, it is a party after all!), drizzle on some honey (it doesnt take much) and top with a berry.
    My friend Laurie is making some for tonight and is using custard instead of yogurt. Really, its the idea of a tiny tasty treat that is presented in a pretty way that makes these so good.
    Enjoy them!


  2. Hi Becky, this note is for Korma, I found listening to lullaby music while on bedrestr helpful and lots if magazines becuase it is hard to concentrate. Blessings to you all,Lisa


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