Back to the TV cabinet…

Have you had a merry Christmas? We have! Lots of visiting and eating and celebrating and (because we’re us) working on projects. I had a fabric sale and if you missed it, the prices are still 25% off. I think I’ll go back to regular prices on Sunday or Monday, just so you know. This was an inventory sale and I think I’ve finally got the fabric to the point where I can stand to count it. Yay!

Jeff has not gone home (he leaves on Sunday and I’m going to miss him). My brother and his wife will be here for lunch after we get back from the airport which will be nice. Then, Sunday night, I am going to start putting all the Christmas stuff into its new home. Oh happy day.

Steve finished the new tv cabinet and I got it painted on Dec. 23. We gutted the space it will occupy on Dec. 24.


This actually did not take long.


Steve put in the laminate floor to match the rest of the room. I painted the newly exposed walls green. Steve put in a strip of baseboard on the left side (won’t fit on the right). Steve moved the cable and ethernet outlets. Then we slid the new cabinet in place. It fits!


Behind this cabinet, Steve put in shelf supports and four shelves. They hold storage boxes that are 20″ deep. It is a tall space and I think every Christmas thing I own just might fit into it. I can’t start putting things up until Sunday night but I promise I’ll take pictures.


Steve is not done with the cabinet. In addition to everything else, he’s been making the doors for the spaces above and below the tv over the last few days. I think on Monday I will be able to paint them.

After living with the old set-up for almost 20 years, it’s amazing how much better this is. It think it’s because it is white. The whole area blends better with the room. 

It’s Friday night as I write this and there are still holidays to come. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t feel like there should be more BUT I am so glad that New Year’s is still to come. Cheers to that!



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