What if…

…what if social media as we know it had been around back in the day? Frank Haenen, a Dutch designer, has played around with that idea. Of course, Marilyn would have used an iPhone… and she probably would have tweeted both text and photos.


Queen Elizabeth could have an iPhone… If she does, I wonder how she uses it? Does a queen ever dial anyone up? Or snap photos of the grandkids?


I'm less sure about Karl Marx. Although he might has sent pointed, political/philosophical tweets.


I found the link to these images at Hubblog. You'll find Hubblog in my favorite blogs list at right. Hubblog is not written in English. Did you know that you can go to Google Translate to have a website translated? It's not a perfect translation, but it is decipherable. I don't use Google Translate often, but when I really want to know what the words say, it's handy.

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