I must be honest: I've had every iPad ever made. I try to resist but I cannot. My husband and son and grandkids have my older iPads. I am currently the happy owner of the iPad mini and when the new one comes out, I know I will have one. Why? It will be faster and clearer! 

I love being able to carry so much in a tiny package. I love electronic books. My oldest son, Chris (the literature PhD student) does not agree. He's right that there are times when paper trumps electric. This video is a good illustration of that. It's short and funny (not as funny as the goats or the test drive, but still funny) and worth a click.

Le papier ne sera jamais mort / Paper is not dead on influencia.net ! from INfluencia on Vimeo.

I will acknowledge that some things are better in paper (toilet paper for one). Children's books, art books, magazines I want to cut up… all better in paper. But my current read (Wool) is just fine as an ebook. I bought it from Apple iBooks and darned if I didn't just find out that there are more books! That's a good thing because I know I'm going to want to read more when I finish this one.


4 thoughts on “iPaper…

  1. I still love paper!! The book sounds good:) Kim and I got to see your quilt exhibit and I have to say we were blown away! We knew you were good but the pieces were so beautiful!!


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