Clicking around…

Clicking around has got to be more productive than just hanging around, don't you think?

I've spent the last many days at my computer, mostly working. I made two videos, one of which is uploaded. It shows you how to find the center of, and number, an applique pattern that comes to you 'naked'. Our patterns are always numbered, but some are not and I have had students ask me how to deal with it. This video explains it all. You can find it here, at with a link to how to sew a 'wheel' off-the-block that I mention in the video.


I did surf a little as I worked and I ran across this site. (You'll see a link to it in the right column, under It's All About Color, Color Palettes.) Click and a page opens. Move your mouse, colors change. Find a color you like, click. That color is fixed and a new one opens at right. Move your mouse, click, a new color opens. If you like the 'magic' color that appears, click your mouse – don't move it.

How can you use this? Well, it will make you smile and that might be enough. What if you are planning a quilt? You could work out a palette. Take a screenshot of it, preserving the mix of colors that you love. This is also a fun way to choose colors for just about anything. (If you have a mac, you can take a screenshot by hitting command-shift-4. Way cool.)

I also found this site. Beverly Ash Gilbert is not someone I've run across before. She's a beader and she has some great color wheels. I think I need to order them. I especially like the color wheels with the grayer colors because I don't see them that often. If you favor a grayer palette, these wheels could come in very handy. I've added this site to the Color list at right so we can all find her again.

I found more as I clicked around and I'll write about what I found soon. For now, it's nearly dinner time and I must sign off. I love dinner! It's one of the 3 best meals of the day :-).


6 thoughts on “Clicking around…

  1. what a great site about color palettes. What I really liked about the site was the ability to select the color scheme mode. It shows mono, mono dark, mono light, analogist, etc. Thanks for sharing the link and also for the video you posted to youtube.


  2. Save the screenshot as an image. On my mac, I go to Photoshop and open it and save as a jpg. If you dont have photoshop, try another photo program. Or, click on the screenshot and save it as you would any other file. See what happens. Once saved, you should be able to print it.
    OR – click on it and hit print. That might be even easier – if you have a color printer.


  3. Oohhh, I just love Beverly Ash Gilbert’s web site! The colors are fabulous. I ordered her book and color wheels. Can’t wait for them to arrive. And her comment that she’s working on an e class to teach kids how to draw. That would be me! Thanks so much for the link to her site. And of course your wonderful video. They are the best!!


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