More from Portland…

I always take photos of my feet and manholes. I love the variety of these circular designs and adding feet to the image is quirky. If you see two extra feet, they belong to Amy, our publisher and my walking partner.

Portland-Manholes-01 copy

The pointing hand above feels so Victorian to me. And when I see 'sewer' I think 'a person who sews' rather than the pipes below ground.

Portland-Manholes-02 copy

I've seen the next design before and I always love it. It reminds me of an 'alert' symbol. My striped socks are good with it :-). The mix of neutral colors appeals to me a lot.

Portland-Manholes-03 copy

The rings of triangles and dots are nice. It could be a good block.

Portland-Manholes-04 copy


Portland-Manholes-05 copy

The more I look at the one above, the more I wonder about it. What sort of information? Is it really information that is under there or is it access to cables? An interface where someone can plug in? I wanted to stand on it, ask a question, and hear the answer as if from an invisible oracle. I didn't do that – there are some unusual folks on the streets of Portland and I decided not to be one of them. Well, people did look at me funny as I took photos of my feet, but still, I'm mostly normal.

Loved the interplay of lines of the trusses on this truck…

TruckWithTrusses-03 copy

There is something about the color and texture of the green next to the gray on this building that was pleasant. 

SideOfBuilding-Porland-1 copy

I'll write a bit more about market tomorrow. Until then, happy stitching!


1 thought on “More from Portland…

  1. Frankly, I’d like to see more of these kinds of pictures. I am “Market”ed out with pics of stuff that will never show up in my local quilt shops. Maybe it’s the mathematician in me but I like the design factor in these pics.


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