Aunt Mary’s Quilt Shop…

I taught a 2-day class at Aunt Mary's, owned by Carrol McVey – not Mary – before quilt market. I had this post mostly written and then sort of forgot it. The 12 ladies in my class and I had a very good time. You'd think I would have taken pictures but, again, I didn't. I am just too focused on the job when I'm teaching which is probably a good thing. But later I always wish I had a picture! 

I stayed with an old acquaintaince/new better friend, Linda, at her house on the water. To say that her house is amazing does not do it justice. We walked in the morning and I took a few photos. This bicycle is not yet planted for spring – the owner told me to imagine it covered with flowers…


The lilacs were in bloom, reminding me of how much I love them. Wish I could grow them but they don't like my soil. I especially liked this pair of bushes, with the periwinkle blooms next to the purple.


Carrol, Tim, Linda and I went to dinner one night at the marina. While we waited for our table we walked on the pier. There was a well-worn research vessel tied up with these numbers painted on the side. I like the look of them; they are gracefully drawn. The brooms below help to paint a nice composition. In my recent post I showed a different boat with lettering. I think if I lived near boats I end up taking lots of this sort of photo.

BoatNumbers copy

There were a series of struts that ran down the pier. The light was wrong so most of the photos didn't turn out well but this detail is nice. Moss really does grow on the north side of things – at least it does in this part of the country. 

MossOnPier copy

The next post will have more about market.

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