Comment and win!

How's that for an attention-getting blog post title? I wrote a guest post for the C&T Blog about The Best-Every Applique Sampler. There's a bit of behind-the-scenes info, there are some pretty pictures… and then at the bottom of the post, you are invited to write a comment. I'm going to be interested to see what you write :-)!

One commenter will be chosen on June 10 to win a copy of the book! Click here to read the post and to comment.

I hope you enjoy the post!


6 thoughts on “Comment and win!

  1. I love the small hangings – a great way to practice, portable and less intimidating than a full-blown quilt. Great sparks of color.


  2. More inspiration. This book will be added to my collection – just love the designs I recommend your books to anyone wanting to learn hand appliqué. . Must put the borders on my Flourishes quilt soon!! Your hands look fine.


  3. Really nice blocks. I am looking forward to see the book. I took a color class with you in Raleigh, NC a few years back during Symposium and have been a fan since. But I will not leave a message for the give away. Thanks for keeping us inspired.


  4. Becky — I love the idea of little quilts on top of the mantle. I ordered your book before it was out and got it already. I must say I love it – as I do all your designs. I love applique and it would be great to make a bunch of small quilts to put in various places around the house.
    Hope the kitchen renovations are going along well !! Bet you will be VERY happy when it’s over!


  5. Your wire glasses are so cute! They give you an old fashioned look.
    That book looks very interesting. Saw lots of lovely quilts similar to the cover photos at Quilt Festival today.


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