Remodeling, kitchen continued…

Well, I don't know about you but I have been BUSY! I thought today would be a good day to catch you up on the remodeling. This was Monday (Memorial Day) evening – Steve preparing dinner…

KitchenBefore-07 copy

And this is the same space, Tuesday:

KitchenDuring-02 copy

And from where Steve is, looking the other way:

KitchenDuring-01 copy

The new cabinets are built and at Rick's warehouse being painted. He tells me that there are a huge number of them, more than you'd imagine in this small space. 

So where is Steve cooking now? He has set up shop in the garage:

KitchenDuring-04 copy

Many of you know that I don't do the daily cooking. I make cakes, cookies, and candy and that is not a daily occurance. Steve is the one who feeds us and I am so very lucky that he does! He assures me that he has done enough camp cooking that this is not nearly as bad as it would be if I was the one trying to cook in the kitchen. 

The cats are the ones who are most unhappy right now. They are nervous. Emma is staying in our bedroom most of the time because it's back together. Dave (the black cat) is staying outside a lot. 

KitchenDuring-03 copy

Today, Luis and Juan are working on the kitchen – mostly putting up some new sheetrock where the backsplash will be and moving outlets and wires. Juan is mudding the newly exposed ceiling areas. Luis is working on some plumbing. Rick thinks the cabinets will be set in on Monday or Tuesday – yay!

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