It’s practically done!

I had hoped to post this from the plane on the way to Maui, but the plane did not have wifi. Sigh. So I am sending this from my hotel in Lahaina. I've been up a very long time but am not ready to sleep…

Chris, Steve, and I worked on the bathroom yesterday. I think you can tell from Chris' face that he is really ready to be done with this project. Luckily, we made great progress!


The toilet works! The sink works! 



The tub and shower work. Jack has already deposited what I hope are all of his bath toys into the tub. 


The trim is in, caulked and primed. We got the new door hung – that took a while. And the new linen closet that opens into the hall (rather than the bathroom) has shelves. The door isn't in yet but the closet works.

When we get home, we'll finish the rest. I believe I'll be painting.

This morning, at DFW airport we walked through this glass maze…

DFW-Maze-1 copy

It was pretty on the inside.

DFW-Maze-3 copy

We got on the plane and were only 45 minutes late taking off – at about 1:00 in the afternoon. After 8 hours in the air and a 5 hour time difference (earlier) we arrived on Maui at 3:30 in the afternoon. It's just odd. We met our friends, Karen and Hunt, drove to Lahaina and checked in to the Makai Inn.

It is quaint and fun and only the bedrooms are air conditioned. We are all very happy to be sleeping in cooler air. The living area is too hot to be in for very long. However, the patio and seawall are beautiful – and we shouldn't be inside that much anyway! Tomorrow we are doing the bike ride down Haleakala. I'll have photos – not taken while I am actually riding the bike!


3 thoughts on “It’s practically done!

  1. I keep showing my husband the progress of your “bathroom” make over as it is (or should I now say was) almost identical to yours! I’m a fan and have been reading your blog for about a year!
    Val @


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