We (me, Steve, Karen, and Hunt) woke up before 6:00 this
morning and went out to sit on the sea wall and enjoy the view – with coffee
and cameras. It was wonderful!

P1000122 copy

We left Lahaina at 7:30 to drive to Haiku for our bicycle
trip down Haleakala. We did not do the sunrise tour because 1) we didn’t want
to get up at 2:30 AM and 2) Steve and I have done that before and were not
exactly impressed. Later was better.

 Haleakala is the tall, extinct volcano on Maui. The summit
is 10,023 feet above sea level. Our tour took us to the summit for a walk
around at the summit.

 P1000134 copy

Steve and I have done the 12 mile hike across the crater 4
times. It is an amazing site. Like a brown moonscape. The views of the crater
from the top are very nice. I can tell you that the views from the crater are
better but it is a hard hike to see them. We took lots of pictures…

P1000135 copy

P1000144 copy

We went back down to 6500 feet to get on the bikes. Bike
companies used to put people out at the summit but after 3 people died in 2007,
the national park service put a stop to that. Probably for good reason. It's scary enough from here.

We were decked out in helmets that resembled those worn by the storm troopers in Star Wars. Found out later that the brakes on the bikes are replaced every two weeks. They should be.

P1000162 copy

 It's downhill 98% of the way. Very little pedaling. I kept my eyes on the road and only looked around when we stopped. That's when we took pictures. It was a lovely ride and one that I have no desire to do again.

P1000171 copy

 Hunt and I are the drivers on the rental car. We need two drivers and normally it would be Steve and not mre for one of them. But he is in full vacation mode and I have also driven these roads before (successfully). It's sort of weird because when it is me and Steve in the car, he is the default driver. Not unusual for a married couple. The only down side is that now I am one of the two possible designated drivers – and that's OK. I didn't need more rum drinks this evening anyway :-).

We stopped on the way back to Lahaina at a scenic overlook. Here's the guys, looking manly.

P1000194 copy 

P1000199 copy

And, because my mom is reading the blog to keep up with our

Hi, Mom! We’re all fine. Off on another adventure tomorrow. I'll post more tomorrow if I can. Love you, Becky



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  1. My husband and I (with our 4 yr. old son) drove up to Haleakala almost 20 years ago and half way down the volcano, our rental car’s brakes started to smoke from all of the braking coming down. We had to stop for a bit to let them cool down. It doesn’t surprise me that the brakes need to be replaced so often on those rental bikes. I also remember 3 (!) people fainting during a lecture up there from the altitude. Crazy.


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