What we did today on Kauai…

Hunt shopped for, and bought, a ukulele! Truth be told, as I was choosing photos for this post I realized that Hunt was in most of them – so let's see today through Hunt's day!

P1000373 copy

I'm not counting, but this is Hunt's 2nd new uke :-). He is a happy, happy man.

Hunt is also incredibly fond of chickens. Kauai is chicken heaven. We went to Spouting Horn and Hunt became the chicken whisperer…

IMG_1492 copy

There are chicken, and roosters, all over Kauai. Look at the mama chicken below. There are chicks around her…

IMG_1493 copy

I count 5, or 6. They blend in. I asked Steve is this was chick season and we both thought about it. We think it is always chick season. I'm not sure why we aren't stepping on chickens everywhere we go.

IMG_1493 copycopy

Poipu Beach is usually a great place to swim on Kauai. Flossie had an impact today. There was a small area to swim, but we didn't. This was the adjacent beach…

IMG_8989 copy

There was one spot around the bend from Poipu where you can see what sort of waves were out there. Just to the left of this 4 kids were out on boogie boards. Nuts.

P1000379 copy

We shopped and looked at nature today instead of getting into nature. FYI – The Walmart in Lihue has great hawaiian shirts. Made in Hawaii even. I also bought some earrings in Koloa Town that have a good aura. Or something like that. Not being able to see auras (or chakras) myself, I just like the orange color with the little colorful beads above.

Karen took this photo of Hunt early today. We all agreed that he looked the best in all of the pics today. Every one of me was very delete-able. Steve and Karen too. Tomorrow the rest of us are going to have to work harder :-).

IMG_8950 copy

2 thoughts on “What we did today on Kauai…

  1. Glad Flossie didnt have too much of an impact for you. Roosters kept us up the first rainy night we spent in Kauai. It wasnt until morning that we found the earplugs in our check in goodie bag from the B&B owner. She told us the chickens and roosters were protected on the island, BUT if we happened to accidentally run over one in the driveway, there would be a prize!


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