We made it to Kauai!

We woke up to a beautiful rainbow outside of our hotel on Maui this morning. We took lots of photos, but I like this one Karen took the best.

IMG_8899 copy

As we were driving to the airport Hunt noticed how lovely the West Maui Mountains looked. I stopped the car and got out and looked both ways before carefully crossing the highway to get this picture. It was worth it.

P1000333 copy

Tropical storm Flossie caused a lot of flight cancellations, but not ours. In fact, I think that most of the inter-island flights were not as affected as flights to and from the mainland. Our flight was uneventful. Either I worried just enough to stave off disaster, or I worried for no reason at all.

The weather service is predicting a couple of days of (possibly heavy) rain – which has already started. So far it is not constantly raining.

IMG_8916 copy

We are in a condo outside of Lihue, on the 3rd floor. Our view is nice and the condo is spacious, clean, and comfortable.

Hunt found a great place for dinner on Trip AdvisorChicken in a Barrel! It's a BBQ shack by the side of the road in Kapa'a. It was so very, very good!

P1000348 copy

Karen inspired me to find fun settings on my camera… this looks lke the 1950s, don't you think? That's Karen, Hunt, and Steve at the window, ordering.

P1000350 copy

Hunt took this picture of me. It's funny, I think I can see a bit of my sister, Christy, in my face in this photo. I don't usually see that.

P1000355 copy

We can't see the ocean from our condo so after eating, we walked to the nearby shore. The waves were up farther out. Here's Hunt, on the rocks, contemplating taking it in.

P1000370 copy

We're not really sure what we're doing tomorrow. The hikes we had planned are not good on rainy days. We're batting around a variety of ideas and surely by morning, something will rise to the top.


4 thoughts on “We made it to Kauai!

  1. A friend’s 17 year old is on main island, doing a three weeks rough it like outward bound, lots of hikes and history of the area, tents and cooking. No phones! The program let it be known that there were plans if Flossie did indeed hit the island and they have been implemented. Checked into a hotel! They get their hot shower five days early….
    Reign will be going back to the wilderness, waiting to see what you do. 🙂


  2. There’s a great quilt shop in Lihue called Kapaia Stitchery. I bought a wonderful Hawaiian applique project there last September. And we ate at Chicken in a Barrel! Yum.


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