That wasn’t so bad…

I have a new tear duct! I have high hopes that this is going to work. For any of you who might be facing this surgery, know that it was not bad at all. My nose is a little swollen but my face is not bruised and there was very little pain. The bruise from the IV in my hand hurt worse than my face did. 

I took it easy for 2 days then yesterday I did a little cake and pie baking because we celebrated Jack’s 6th birthday last night.

JackTurns6_01 copy

I took pictures of the present-opening. Jack was the center of attention in my photos, but it was fun to look back this morning and see what Bear was doing while we weren’t really paying attention. Amazingly enough, he did not end up spilling Lorna’s mai tai.

Everything old is new again in toys… Jack got a big Lego set, a game, some Thundercat action figures (when did they come back?), and clothes.

I’m back to work on the computer. I hope to finish the text on the book in the next week and then turn my attention back to making quilts. That’s the fun part and I am ready for it!

6 thoughts on “That wasn’t so bad…

  1. Do you have to go for a follow-up visit for your surgery? If you do, you should wear those glasses….your doctor will get a kick out of that-lol. Glad it went well.
    Cheery wave from


  2. When our youngest son was born his tear ducts weren’y fully developed which ended in several infection, thanks to our Lord & Savior a week before he was scheduled for the surgery the tear ducts started working. I can imagine the problems you’ve had to have been going through. God Bless you.


  3. Happy to hear that the pain isn’t there – mostly. And I do hope this is the end of treatment for your tear ducts. I agree – borrow Jack’s glasses and give the doc a chuckle! We can all use an unexpected chuckle during the day!


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