On pumpkins… and pain.

It's sinus infection season in north Texas and I got one on Sunday, and the insane headache that goes with it. I barely got up off the sofa for two days. I felt pretty pitiful until I was out and compared notes with other north Texans, many of whom would have been on the sofa if they could. My antibiotic kicked in this morning and it's nice to be back up and at it.

I have come to realize, once again, that I don't handle pain well. That seems obvious… none of us like pain. But there are so many people who have chronic pain and I don't know how they cope, day in and day out. When I feel good, it's easy to imagine that I could deal with it—but I don't know that I could. This is a reminder to me to 1) be more compassionate and 2) to be thankful for every pain-free day.

Now, to the pumpkin part of the post! Ever since my mom moved to Texas a few years ago, she has been involved with pumpkin carving with her great-grandchildren. I very rarely get involved—this is her thing. This year they did the deed on Sunday. I got off the sofa and took some pictures…

PumpkinCarve-2013_14 copy

This is not an in-the-house activity… they make the mess in mom's garage.

PumpkinCarve-2013_05 copy

I'm especially happy that I did not have my hand in any pumpkins, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

Bear spent his time tied into a chair and he mostly enjoyed it. He was noisy, but happy.

PumpkinCarve-2013_06 copy

Jack was given his own, sharp knife and he worked with it well. 

PumpkinCarve-2013_16 copy

I think Christopher had a good time—although he looks a little grim here. Maybe he has on his Halloween face?

PumpkinCarve-2013_09 copy


6 thoughts on “On pumpkins… and pain.

  1. Or maybe no one liked Christopher’s pumpkin smile and he was contemplating how to change it. Your mom is great and making so many special memories for “the kids”.
    I use to think I did not handle pain well as well. But I have come to realize there are certain kinds of pain I don’t handle well and others I handle just fine. My head hurting is the pain I do NOT handle well and STAY OUT OF MY WAY. lol


  2. Thanks for the reminder to be more compassionate with people who do have lots of pain. I have often thought about it when I have pain – how could I possible cope with life if my pain were chronic?


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