Grandchildren and the great outdoors…

Lorna and I took Elanor, Jack, and Bear to the Dallas Arboretum yesterday. The weather was perfect, the pumpkins were pretty and the new Children's Adventure Garden was a hit!

Arboretum-02 copy

I took my 'big' camera especially so that I could take photos of the kids…

Arboretum-01 copy


There was face painting for the kids. Jack really got into character!

Arboretum-05 copy

Elanor was a little less into it.

 Arboretum-06 copy


Bear perched on a mushroom, with help from his mom…

Arboretum-11 copy

But mostly he watched from the stroller…

Arboretum-13 copy

Amazingly enough, Lorna and I were ready to go before the kids were. They really enjoyed the interactive exhibits and activities in the adventure garden. Even though it's more than an hour away, we'll go back. 


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