Ho ho ho…

I don't know about you, but my weekend was a blur—a happy, active blur!

I Christmas shopped with a friend in Dallas on Thursday. (Side note: The Container Store is THE place to go for adult stocking stuffers!) The weather turned cold on Friday. The combination of cold weather and shopping put Steve and I both in the mood to decorate for Christmas on Saturday. 

We braved the cold to string lights on the trees out front. I don't think we can be seen from the space station, but it's very festive. 

The stockings are hung…


I made two new stocking holders from rocks, wire, and ribbon. I like rocks better than the kind of stocking holders you can buy, but that's just me. 


I put out the Santas, including Mr. Potatohead Santa. He looks happy next to Darth Tater.


Steve built some new shelf/supports for the North Pole village. I have more pieces but we only put these out. They look better under the white cabinets than they did before the remodel.


Some of these houses are more than 25 yearls old! How did that happen so fast?


There's more in the way of Christmas decorations, lots more. It's like a Christmas-decoration bomb went off in the house! The nearly 30 year old Christmas tree is up, with lights but no ornaments. It's brittle but still looks good. I plan to hang the ornaments on it after Thanksgiving. 

I am feeling a lot more festive now. I hope you are looking forward to the holdays as well!



2 thoughts on “Ho ho ho…

  1. I must not because I cant find them. In fact, I cant remember a red and white straw wreath! Have I lost it somewhere it somewhere in the deep recesses of my memory? If you have a photo, please send it and maybe that will help me remember…


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