At least it’s funny!

And by that, I mean that at least I can come up with a post that is funny :-).


I've been busy sewing and getting ready for Christmas. Lorna has been really busy shipping orders.

Side note: For any of you who have been waiting on an order, refer back to the ice storm a week or so ago. Our UPS facility is so backed up people are threatening to riot to get their packages. Well, not riot exactly, but there are some unhappy people. We are now waiting on one box of thread and then we'll be caught up. Yay!

I ran across this site with 'The 50 funniest faces in everyday objects' and had to share. It is absolutely true that we find faces everywhere. I see them in the accoustical ceiling tiles at the dentist's office!


These are better than ceiling tile faces :-). [You know, emoticons work because we do see faces in everyday things. What else would explain why we see people in punctuation marks!]


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