People vs. Winter…

Many of us have had (and will be having) personal experience with winter scenes like this…


(Thanks to George for sharing the link with me!)

I've said it before and I will say it again: Falling down is BAD! Don't do it!

Tomorrow, Saturday 12/21 marks the winter solstice. Steve and I are celebrating the day with friends—food, drink, and a polar bear plunge. Well… some will plunge. I am going to watch and appreciate their bravery. Steve says the water really isn't that bad but I'm pretty sure that I won't be jumping in until June :-). But no matter what, no one is going to bounce off of our water!

I am going to sew, sew, sew today. My hope is to have three quilt tops made by January 1. That may not happen, but at least I have a plan! 


11 thoughts on “People vs. Winter…

  1. Falling on ice is not fun — but I don’t think I’ve had any experience as bad as sliding backwards down a hill with absolutely no control of what the car does!
    Just have to hang on and pray that no one is out there!
    So are the three projects for a new book?


  2. When I drove a schoolbus, one year I was bringing kids home and slid down a hill, only to stop at a 45 degree angle. We sat there for about an hour until they brought sanders in both above and below so we could continue. Appropriately enough, the name of the road? Ski Run Road!


  3. Been there, done several of those things! Thanks for the good reminder of why we moved to south Texas.
    Looking forward to seeing what you are working on.


  4. I got some laughs from your video and tried not to be too guilty thinking about those hurt limbs and egos. Now my “plan” for the next half hour is to move a shelf – the hard part of course is getting the stuff OFF the shelf. Then it is one with holiday prep!


  5. So funny, growing up in the Midwest I can attest to several of those slips and falls! Can’t wait to see your book and the quilts. I am never very confident about color. But i am learning to be more adventuresome in my choices and my quilts are better!


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