Seeing the sites…

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s huge and great fun! We spent most of our time with the modern art. Again, I’m not sure exactly why this is museum-worthy, but I did love this wall of canvases that make a rainbow. And guess what? This is something that we could all reproduce at home! You can’t say that about most things you see in the Met.

Met-YellowToGold copy

We’ve walked in Central Park…


And Top of the Rock…

DSC_0100 copy

We walked on the High Line, even though is was cold and wet…

IMG_2006 copy

We’ve shopped, and eaten well. I’ve taken pictures of my feet and picked up lucky pennies (which makes Jeff crazy)…

Feet-ManhattanManhole_01 copy

But mostly we have had a really nice visit with the kids!

And now, it’s time to go home. It’s always nice to go home but it also makes me a little sad to think that it could be a year before we see Jeff in person again. Thank goodness it is so easy to communicate now. I can remember when calling was so expensive that I wrote letters! 

3 thoughts on “Seeing the sites…

  1. I hope you left before the snow storm!! I love visiting NYC. My oldest daughter and her family live there. Luckily, it’s only a few hours from our home.


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