Finding the right balance…

I’m cleaning up my desktop, filing photos into folders where I hope I can find them again. As I look at images from our trip to NYC, I am struck once again by how different it is from Sherman, TX. This is not the view that Steve and I see on a daily basis and it’s interesting for me to imagine what it would be like to actually live in a city this large, with so very many people. For one thing, I would not take so many pictures :-).

SteveInNYC copy

I hoped that I would not look like a tourist but our son, Jeff, assured me that I did not look like I lived there. I watched the other women my age on the streets and he was right… I needed a puffy coat for one thing. And surprising to me, many women wore color—pants, shoes, coats, something more than a colorful scarf. My black coat was warm, but not trendy. That said, I was really happy to be warm!

Below, we are standing here by the fountain at Lincoln Center. Jeff can see a part of this fountain from his apartment which I find to be astonishingly cool!


The closest, best grocery store to the kids is Whole Foods. We have a Whole Foods near us. Well, near by Texas standards; it’s 30 miles down the road. We rarely shop there so walking through this one with Jeff was sort of an adventure. One thing is certain, food costs a lot more in NYC than it does in Sherman. 

As we walked the produce aisles, the blue eggs made me stop to pull out my camera. I’d never seen an egg like that before.


Then I noticed both what kind of egg it was and how much it cost. Really?!


These blue speckled eggs are lovely but is each one so good that a person would spend $30 on it? What kind of person spends $30 on one egg? Does an emu egg taste that much better than a chicken egg?


I will never know because no one in our family would never spend $30 on an egg :-).

OK… now I really need to get back to work!

7 thoughts on “Finding the right balance…

  1. Many things are bought at Whole Foods because of the health value. Perhaps emu eggs have things in them that our bodies could use if only the nutrients were in our food. Those eggs look BIG, so perhaps for a special meal one would make an flash.
    Our Central Market has truffles at Christmas time – $299.99 a pound and each year I take a picture of the display and send to my brother. He is the only chef I know who could make good use of very little of such an ingredient that we all would cheer. Alas we are 1000 miles apart at Christmas.


  2. We love going into the city – we only live about 54 miles away. It is not something we do alot, but we really like the energy and the interesting things to look at. I must admit though that coming back to our home in rural NJ is like a sigh …. from the frantic energy and crowded streets of the city. And our house suddenly feels so big! But it’s nice to visit for a day! LOL


  3. I don’t know how Emu eggs taste, but they are wonderful for carving or painting – the color makes an absolutely stunning piece of art. Of course the trick is you need to know someone who has ems so you don’t have to pay that much for them. 😀


  4. Definitely too pricey for most people, but you have to admit–they’re lots bigger than a chicken egg! And they are truly gorgeous!


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