It’s a crumb-y giveaway!

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So, about the crumbs in the post title… I subscribe to Ami Simms’ newsletter and a little while ago she wrote about a student, Megan Null, who was making ‘crumb quilts’. Megan let Ami film her, and her video says it all:

(Link to video here.)

I googled crumb quilts and, who knew! There are pages of crumb quilts! It looks to me like crumb quilts started with Bonnie Hunter and have now taken on a life of their own. I have been too busy writing the color book to have noticed crumb quilts. Sigh.

Anyway, back to Ami. She has issued a 2014 Crumb Quilt Challenge! I generated a lot of lovely, colorful scraps when I was sewing for the color book and for a few days I thought I would start my own crumb quilt(s). I looked at the pile lovingly… and then I admitted to myself that this is not something I am going to do. My pile of crumbs could become your very own crumb quilt!


Everything in the box is pre-washed cotton—except for one piece of a silky polyester that is obviously not cotton. I was going to throw it away but thought maybe the winner would love it. There are little pieces and bigger pieces, strips, triangles, and other shapes.

If you would like a chance to win, leave a comment. I will have my random number generator (my mom) pick a number Sunday. I think I’ll be able to contact the winner from your comment but sometimes there isn’t a way to do that, so check back on Monday, mid-morning. I’ll post the winner. It could be you!

176 thoughts on “It’s a crumb-y giveaway!

  1. When else would one be thankful to take ones leftovers. Using Scraps in quilting make all projects have interest and life. Would love to win. Thanks for the try.m


  2. I subscribe to Bonnie Hunter’s credo: if you cut up the fabric and still don’t love it, you haven’t cut it small enough! Send them my way, please!!


  3. Crumb quilts, love the idea, I save every little piece of fabric. I am going to have my son watch your granddaughter’s loom film tomorrow, he loves that thing, it will be good for him to watch.


  4. WOW!!! That reminds me a bit of my grandma and her scrappy quilting. She didn’t waste much either!! Adding your scraps to my scraps would make a lovely quilt!!


  5. What a wonderful box of crumby goodness! Love your work, so your scraps have to be terrific too! Anxious to learn more about your book – and to add another POC book to the library.


  6. I think Liz Porter started crumb quilting early 90’s, with a basket pattern and it was made with small pieces for the basket. I made a small quilt using her instructions. Liz called it crumb quilting.


  7. I am another lover of scraps from other sewers AND do enjoy the challenge of finding creative ways to use the. I’ve made string blocks and crumb blocks…too much fun!


  8. I am a Scrap Addict….I save any lil piece I think I “might” need for a project!! lol Your crumbs will loooove joining mine!! 🙂


  9. I would love to add your scraps to my scrap basket. I use scraps all the time for applique or making scrappy quilt blocks. Thanks for the fun!


  10. These are perfect for crumb snatchers like myself! 🙂 The only crumbs I consume these days…Gluten Free Life has it’s advantages…crumbs like yours…Zero Calories and No health concerns! 🙂


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